5 Yoga and Mindfulness Tips

Posted: 2nd January 2016

By: WiRE Team

lizcertificate-272x300Mindfulness is in the news as research shows that it brings benefits in stress reduction, improvement of mood, health and wellbeing. Mindfulness is about being fully present in this moment. Life may then seem less complicated and we are more able to enjoy the beauty and wonders of life. Mindfulness techniques are an integral part of yoga practice. This is part of why you feel reinvigorated and calm after a yoga class.

How do you ‘develop mindfulness’ by Liz Hill?

One of the easiest ways is just to pay attention to your breathing, bringing your attention fully back to your breath again and again when your mind wanders. Even a minute a few times a day is helpful. One of these ideas may help you:


Focus on exhaling: 
As you breathe, give your main attention to your out-breath. The exhalation tends to be particularly calming. Let your shoulders and other muscles relax as you breathe out.
  2. Find your ‘anchor’: 
 The anchor point is where you are most aware of your breathing – this may be your nostrils, chest, abdomen or throat. Focussing on the anchor point can return you to mindfulness quickly.
  3. Count each cycle of breathing
: A cycle is one in-breath and one out-breath. When you get to seven return to one again. If you become distracted and lose your place, return to one and start again.
  4. Beach Visualisation: 
Imagine you’re standing on the beach in your bare feet. The water is coming in very slowly, touching your toes, pausing, and then going out slowly again. Try to match the water coming in with your in-breath, then a pause, then the water going out with your out-breath.
  5. 5/8 breathing: 
 Make each in-breath last for a count of 5 and each out-breath for a count of seven.

Remembering to be mindful can be the tricky part. Linking the practice to an existing regular habit such as after cleaning your teeth, whilst the kettle boils may help.

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