5 x 5 Minute Meditations to Help You Focus

Posted: 3rd October 2016

5 x 5 Minute Meditations to Help You Focus

If you’re new to meditation or have been put off in the past by the thought of having to sit in silence for hours at a time, then I’m here to tell you it only has to take 5 minutes a day and can be done as part of your normal routine.

In fact, research has proven that regular meditation of even short periods has a better effect than one massive session every couple of months – it’s a compound thing – and meditation is known to improve your overall focus so is the perfect addition to your schedule for anyone who is self-employed and looking to make the most of their time.

So, here are 5 ways to include 5 minutes of meditation in your day:


Perfect for starting your day in the right frame of mind, spend 5 minutes before you even get out of bed focusing on yourself – not on your to-do list or anything else. Let your mind imagine your perfect day or simply become aware of your breath and how it feels to have an extra 5 minutes in bed (or set your alarm 5 minutes earlier).


Find a park bench or sit in your garden. Close your eyes and focus on your breath until you feel relaxed. Now notice how the ground feels beneath your feet, notice what you can smell and what you can hear. The idea is to focus your attention on just that one thing and if you catch your mind wandering, gently return it to focus on that one thing again or back to your breath.


Start using your tea break as a meditation break instead of an excuse to multitask! As you drink your tea or coffee, notice how it tastes and really enjoy the moment. Use your break as a real break and allow yourself a full 5 minutes off – it really does work!


I do a lot of these quick meditations when I’m waiting to collect my kids from school. Just a few minutes sitting in the car without any distractions and allowing myself to focus on the birds in the hedge or the way the sun reflects off the windows. It really is that simple and can be a great way of de-stressing before a meeting or even if you are sitting in traffic and waiting for the lights to change!


This is my favourite suggestion when someone tells me they don’t have time to meditate! We all wash, so just incorporate your meditation into your shower or bath time. Imagine that the water is washing away your worries and any concerns as well as giving you a physical wash. Just focus on the experience – intention is key.

So stop making excuses and start meditating today – you & your business really will benefit!