5 Tips for Improving Social Media for your Beauty Business

Posted: 9th April 2018

5 Tips for Improving Social Media for your Beauty Business

Are you happy with your social media results? Do you get any engagement? Would you like to get more business from your social media?

Here are my 5 Top Tips to getting more from your social media!

1 Choose the correct social media platform for your business

Make sure that you know exactly who your ideal clients are, and where to find them online. I have a blog all about ideal customers that you may like to read HERE!

When you know where they are likely to be concentrate your time and effort on just 1 or 2 platforms and get it right rather than on 4 or 5 doing it badly.

I would always advise using Google my Business and Google+ for all businesses as there are so many bonuses especially if you have a website.

2 Show up

Make sure that you commit fully to your social media marketing. You cannot complain that your social media does not work for your business if you do not post content regularly. If you do not post anything people cannot see you at all.

If you post infrequently people get confused about what you are doing.

Post content regularly, do not worry that it might be too much. Remember nobody will see everything you put out there. But everyone has a chance to see something if you post enough.

3 Post a variety of content

Mix your content up to keep it interesting and to appeal to different people. Text posts with and without emoji, photos, images and videos are all options. As well as linking to websites and blogs too. People are attracted to different things, so you need to stop the scroll.

Also think about the actual content you are posting. Make sure that it is a mixture of helpful advise, fun, information etc. Post sales and promotion posts as part of a well balanced mix of content. Approximately 1 in 4 posts should be promotional.

4 Reuse your content

You can reuse your content over your platforms to make better use of your time. Just make sure that you plan carefully how you will schedule the content. Make sure that is translates into the best format for that platform, for example you will need to add Hashtags for Instagram.

5 Find tools to help you. Working in and running your own business can leave you with limited time. Plan your content thoroughly, and use a scheduling system to make things easier.

There are lots of options out there and you may need to try a few before you find the right one for you. My advice would be to definitely the Facebook Scheduler for Facebook, then you could use Hootsuite, Buffer etc for anything else.

Also know your limitations, if you don’t like social media or don’t understand it outsource. Find someone that you get on with who understands your business inside out to help you. Industry specific is a good idea if you can find someone.

I hope that this has given you a few ideas to implement. Let me know how things go. If you would like to chat about getting some help please email info@salonmediagenie.co.uk

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