3 Simple Tips For Greater Efficiency

Posted: 19th May 2015

WiRE Member offers some advice on how to make the best use of your time

After working out how to compartmentalise my 3 elements in my portfolio career last week – I’m seeking this week to make greater time savings by becoming more efficient.  I don’t want to have to work harder, so it’s all about working smarter.

Here’s my top 3 tips for greater efficiency:

  • Spend a couple of hours sorting out your inbox.  Go on, be honest, exactly how many emails are there in your inbox?  I’d bet on a few hundred.  What purpose do they serve? Other than to taunt you and remind you what you haven’t dealt with yet!  Take out a couple of hours and be brutal, if there’s no action to be taken with it and it’s older than a week are you really going to do anything with it? And whilst you’re there unsubscribe those email accounts that you never read as well.
  •  Turn stuff off.  You wouldn’t work with the TV on would you?  It’s a distraction, yet that constant bleeping and flashing from Facebook or email notifications is just as distracting.  Turn them off or log out whilst you get some real work done.
  •  Batch items together – look at your to do list and do similar items together.  I often set aside half a day to write my blog and any other articles at one time.  Once I’m in the mood to write I’m much more efficient.

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