Using Aromatherapy in the Home

Posted: 29th December 2015

Alison Metcalfe explains how Essential Aromatherapy Oils can be used in all sorts of ways to freshen your home. You will need: Oil burner, tea light candles, wax or water, essential oil of choice

  • Essential oils can be used in an oil burner, a couple of drops in water or in melted wax
  • A few drops on a door mat and the aroma is released upon wiping the feet on the mat. This brings freshness upon entering a room
  • A few drops of chosen oil on a cotton pad placed in Hoover cylinder/bag releases aroma upon use and brings scent to room and vacuum
  • Use Tea tree essential oil as a disinfectant on work surfaces and floors; 4-6 drops in a bucket of warm water (it’s anti bacterial,anti fungal and anti viral)
  • Place a damp cotton flannel on a warm radiator and add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil.This will act as an air freshener as well as bring a slight moisture to the air in the winter months if you are using the heating regularly