Q: Am I able to attend a network meeting, to try it out, without being a member first?

A: Yes, of course you can ‘try before you buy’. You can attend WiRE Network meetings as a guest, then if you would like to take advantage of membership prices for meetings, trainings and services alongside a website profile and it’s benefits, you will need to became a member. It’s also worth noting WiRE members can attend any WiRE Network meeting anywhere.

Q: I don’t have a business yet but I am thinking about starting one, would it be beneficial for me to join WiRE?

A: Absolutely, WiRE offers business support to a range of women throughout different stages of business. You may want to take advantage of our conferences, courses or knowledge base to start and create your business profile. Do contact us to find out more.

Q: I have an established business and I don’t want to grow my business, how can I benefit from WiRE membership?

A: You can choose how you would like WiRE to benefit your business so if you don’t want to actively promote your business further, you could use our Business Help articles to improve your knowledge on a particular subject, contact one of our Partners to ask advice on a legal matter or attend our network meetings for some company/support. WiRE is about being part of a business community with many opportunities to take advantage of, that suits your business needs.

Q: My business has grown and I no longer class myself as a micro business, how can I benefit from WiRE membership?

A: WiRE continues to support businesses through all stages of growth and development – we have opportunities to promote your business through the Rural Marketplace and Conferences no matter how big or small. If you want the opportunity to network and promote, as well as being able to ask for help if needed then WiRE can benefit your business.

Q: Can I change the password that was sent to me for the new website?

A: Yes, when you login to the WiRE website, there is a link that says “Edit my Profile”. Click on that and then you can change the password by entering a new one chosen by you at the bottom of the form.