WiRE Wellbeing with Marianne from Flint Kinetics

WiRE Wellbeing with Marianne from Flint Kinetics
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25th January 2021 – 10:00am to 10:30am


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Cost: £3.00

WiRE Wellbeing – Because not all movement happens in the gym…

We are really happy that Marianne has agreed to host this WiRE Wellbeing Session, I think you’ll agree we all get into bad habits with movement and posture. I am sure we will all be able to take some hints and tips away with us to continue the year ahead with better ones. Be prepared to move!

Marianne from Flint Kinetics started attending Pilates classes whilst working in her previous career; a desk based environment that left her feeling stiff and immobile. When a career changing opportunity arose, she didn’t hesitate to qualify and work as a Pilates Instructor.

Inspired to learn more and offer additional benefit to her clients, she studied and achieved a Level 5 BTEC in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage and integrated Soft Tissue Therapy into her practice.

Through NeuroKinetic Therapy® and Anatomy in Motion Marianne continues to focus her learning on gaining a more in-depth understanding of the way the body works and why we often adopt dysfunctional movement patterns to overcome pain or weakness. The NKT protocol and Flow Motion Model™ has revolutionised Marianne’s practice and enables her to actively work with her clients to improve their everyday function and performance.

A big picture approach is that the brain has choices. The way people use their bodies in their daily routines has a repetitive nature, operating in fixed patterns and habit of movement.  Marianne works with her clients to improve these choices.

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