WiRE North Shropshire Networking

WiRE North Shropshire Networking
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17th September 2019 – 10:00am to 11:30am


Alderford Lake Cafe
Nr Whitchurch

Cost: £10.00 (£5.00 for members)

Providing the weather is fine, we will be “netwalking” for our September 16th meeting:  Feel free to bring your 4-legged friend and dress casually for a jaunt around the beautiful Alderford lake.

The format of our North Shropshire networking meetings…

Amanda facilitates a “Listening Environment” where you will get totally uninterrupted time to share a business goal or challenge whilst the rest of us SHUT UP and LISTEN (no interruptions allowed. Period)
You’ll then get laser coaching and a short brainstorming session with other members. They will offer their ideas/resources/reflections. You can choose to take action on what sounds useful and discard what doesn’t!

The  objectives of our friendly networking meeting are to:

1. Give you a rare opportunity to think out loud and get a jolly good listening to 😉 so that you can accelerate your progress

2. Grow meaningful relationships with other WiRE members, understand about each other’s business in the context of their whole lives

This is networking for women who prefer a “deep” conversation with fewer women.

This is NOT the type of networking where you have to “work the room”, make small talk or play who can collect the most business cards!

If the word “networking” makes you quake in your boots or brings you out in hives, you will enjoy our small and friendly group.

There’s no one-upman(woman)ship and no prizes for appearing confident and together! This meeting is about genuinely giving support to other women, rather than paying lip service to the concept of supporting other women.
Currently, whilst numbers are small, we meet around a table at Alderford Lake Cafe in Whitchurch.

Buy your own cuppa at the counter, take a pew and then all you have to do is just BE YOURSELF!

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