WiRE National “Network Online” Event with Helen Oldfield from Affinity PR

WiRE National “Network Online” Event with Helen Oldfield from Affinity PR
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20th January 2021 – 10:00am to 11:00am


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WiRE National “Network Online” Event – 20th January 2021 at 10.00am

Helen Oldfield is a WiRE Ambassador, South Suffolk WiRE network co-leader and founder of Affinity PR, established in 2008.

If it’s true that “people buy from people”, is there any point in doing any PR or marketing?  Won’t you just hire your pals, and they hire you?!

It’s an interesting philosophical point and open to interpretation, of course.

My take on this is that I’ve met hundreds of people in business who are truly delightful and trustworthy humans.  And they are skilled/experienced in their professions.  Yet I have only ever chosen a handful of them to help me with a business matter and then I’ve stayed a loyal customer for years.  Something about the few I chose to buy from went way beyond thinking they are a nice person that I’d get on well with.

So what was in that “something” and how do your customers know when you have “it”?

It’s your business reputation, which is a complex beast.  No two reputations are the same, your own may fluctuate and evolve over time.  On the one hand it’s highly subjective, yet there are tangible ways you can measure and compare one professional or supplier with another.

Hope you’ll join us in this informal conversation, facilitated by me and Emma, and share your own perspectives.  Hopefully you’ll discover some new ideas about PR and reputation management and how PR Coaching can unlock exactly what you need to action. I’m going to throw in the teaser that “Your successful PR campaign may never need a media release”.

Join us for frank discussion about business reputation, what it is, what it isn’t, and how to use PR to make it easy for your ideal clients to find you.


We will begin our meeting by sharing our FROG – This will be in place of a 60 second elevator pitch

Information to follow.



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