West Devon WiRE August Meeting – Fab Free Tools for Managing & Marketing Your Business (online)

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17th August 2021 – 10:30am to 12:00pm


Cost: FREE

Presentation TBC

At the start of each meeting we introduce ourselves, and then have a presentation and Q&A session with the speaker.

There’s no stupid 60-second pitches, just pop your contact details in the chat box and we’ll share that in our meeting report.

If there’s something you’d like to discuss at a meeting, let Clair know and she’ll ensure we make time for it.


It can be quite lonely, running your own business, so your local WiRE Network is here for support, understanding, advice, and inspiration.

If your impression of networking is a conference room breakfast with men in grey suits trying to foist their business cards on you, then breathe a sigh of relief – you won’t get that with WiRE!

Yes, we encourage you to swap contact details and tell people about what you do. But we also encourage you to ask for things you need, recommend each other, invite friends to join us, and help us to create the network that everyone wants to go to!

Network Leaders are volunteers with their own businesses to run, so we’re delighted for your input and assistance with making West Devon WiRE the best it can be.

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