Shrewsbury WiRE Meeting Online

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24th March 2021 – 10:00am to 12:00pm



Cost: FREE

I am so pleased to be leading the WiRE meetings in Shrewsbury and meet new and existing members. The meetings will be online initially and then move to face to face with a date and venue to be confirmed in due course. They will take place the fourth Wednesday of the month 10am-12pm.

Those new to WiRE- you get your first two visits for free! Then you will need to join as a member. Whilst we are on Zoom there is no meeting cost. And why not visit our Facebook page where you can find helpful tips, join in the conversations and see events taking place-

WiRE Networking isn’t just about swapping business cards; it is about support, inspiration and building relationships. Network groups are run by WiRE member volunteers not franchisees, so costs are kept low. WiRE Network leaders believe that networking provides vital support for women in business, they believe that networking is the best way to support businesses, share skills and get away from the desk – but don’t particularly want a business card based network; WiRE is definitely not that, we are warm, welcoming and non-scary. WiRE Network Groups are friendly and welcoming, full of inspirational women sharing skills and helping each other to be successful in business. Join WiRE Now  and get networking.

What do you want from a business network?

If you are looking for a group of business women who share expertise and knowledge, who help you build new skills, who boost your confidence and support each other to build better businesses? Then WiRE is the business support network for you.

  • Meet with businesswomen who share a passion for developing their business
  • Gain skills and expertise to help your business grow
  • Be inspired by the achievements of others
  • Get involved in the network or become a network leader to develop your confidence, skills and business
  • Make connections across the whole WiRE network and beyond

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Please do check to see if there is a local network running in your area before joining as we cannot offer refunds on membership.

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