Show and Tell

Show and Tell
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13th February 2020 – 10:30am to 12:30pm


Buckminster Barn
Grange Farmyard,
Grantham NG33 5SD

01476 860471

Cost: £15.00 (£10.00 for members)

Event Manager at Buckminster Barn, Debbie Firmstone and I have been trying to arrange to meet up for over 2 years so that I can see their wonderful conference and event facilities, we always knew it would make a great place for a WiRE meeting and a chance for us to learn more about each other\\\’s business but there just has never seemed to the time to get over there and take a proper look – I know all you busy ladies will appreciate how often that can happen but sometimes we just have to stick a pin in a date and BOOK IT! So, finally that is what we have done and now we can all get to see what goes on in the gorgeous village of Buckminster, right on the edge of Leicestershire.

It can be so easy to say that I have to book a client or I need to get this job done when networking can seem like something \\\”not urgent\\\” to do but we all know it is our contacts that keep us in business and we shouldn\\\’t pass up the chance to stay in touch; after all, it is only once a month for a couple of hours and we all feel better for doing it!

For this month\\\’s meeting we are encouraging everyone to bring an item they have made or a product they have sold, a piece of work they are proud of, for a \\\”show and tell\\\”. This is a chance for everyone to take part in the meeting if you want to, though, as ever, there is no pressure. This is not to sell to each other but to make all of your sales team (your WiRE colleagues, that is) aware of what you do and what you like doing best. There is no need to present if you prefer to just display and no need to make speeches if you would rather just chat or be asked questions. The format will be informal and will definitely include cake!

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