Putting the calm into your business

Putting the calm into your business
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10th April 2019 – 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Branston Golf & Country Club, Burton Road, Branston, Burton upon Trent DE14 3DP

Cost: £8.00 (£5.00 for members) - Pay network leader directly

Susan Gardner, agent of change and life surgeon, joins us in April 2019 to talk to us about putting the calm into our businesses (or our work).

Susan is one of the three volunteer leaders of our sister group, Wellbeing at WiRE Derby. She is also an international coach, mentor and trainer who specialises in Meta-Well-Being, an holistic approach to successful work/life balance.

The WiRE member giving her 10-minute presentation will be Paula Senior.

There will be the usual opportunities to network with other women who work or volunteer locally as well as giving a very brief introduction (30 or 60 seconds depending on numbers) to what you do and any help you need.

PLEASE let us know you intend to come by clicking the Book this Event button on this page. You only pay on the night, but if we know how many women to expect we can ensure the room is ready with enough chairs and plenty of hot drinks.

You are welcome to arrive from 6.45pm to sign in and pay your meeting fee.

You will be able to bring flyers and business cards to pop on a table in the room and everyone will get the chance to introduce themselves.

Any women who work (for themselves, for others, or for charities) are welcome to attend. There are no restrictions on the numbers and types of businesses who can attend and it doesn’t matter where you are based.

Admission remains at £8 for non-members and £5 for WiRE members.

Throughout 2019 we are supporting the Midlands Air Ambulance as our charity of the year.

Parking is free in the club’s large car park.

More on Susan’s talk:

More than ever before, we can do and have so much!

Yes, technology has created the means to be able to fit a massive amount of activities into a day compared to not so many years ago, when life was much more sedate and less frantic – think long-hand written letters, no motorways, no mobile phones, no internet, no computers… Nowadays though, there is an urgency around virtually everything, which creates unhealthy practices that lose sight of what’s important, with priorities being confused and ultimately leading to overwhelm.

Many women running their own business encounter this problematic challenge on a daily basis, spinning a vast number of plates and consequently having to dash from one project to the next, from one meeting to the next, from one call to the next and so on! Typically, this is done whilst managing the home, the family and a whole host of other important need to be dealt with things.

The problem with this, is that it is unsustainable. Eventually (even the fittest of the fittest are not exempt) burnout occurs, as balance is not being exercised.

Living ‘full on, flat out in the fast lane’ requires regular pit stops. It is absolutely essential to ensure consistent daily downtime, to pause, to regroup and recharge. This can only happen by consciously creating the space to allow yourself to ‘be’ still and quiet.

Yet how can this be done and still get all the tasks completed?

‘Putting The Calm Into Your Business’ will provide you with some thought-provoking ideas and also, Susan is going to share some great exercises with you to help inspire you with some simple practical ways to incorporate within your business for a much more rewarding and calmer experience.

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