How well do you Bounce? with Jane Batty from Ripple

How well do you Bounce?  with Jane Batty from Ripple
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17th March 2021 – 10:00am to 12:30pm


Online Event


Cost: £5.00

How well do you Bounce? Building your personal resilience in a remote world…

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This National “Network Online” Event will be a 2 1/2 hour, interactive session. There will be a 30 minute break where we have Marianne from Flint Kinetics joining us again, Marianne will be facilitating a 15 minute movement session to get your body (and brain) back on track and allow time for you to have a refreshment break. 

“You are not born with a fixed amount of resilience. Like a muscle you can build it up, draw on it when you need it and, in that process, you will figure out who you really are – and you might just become the very best version of yourself.”

– Sheryl Sandberg, Author and COO Facebook

In today’s climate of global disruption, home-working and self-isolation, it’s more important than ever for people to consider their personal resilience in the face of change and remote working pressures.

Join us for what we hope will be both a participative and personally reflective session, with some tips to help improve your resilience at times of uncertainty, by reflecting on your methods of coping with pressure. How does your approach help you rise to new challenges, cope better with changes and help your projects stay on track?

As a result of the session we hope you will:

· Have increased knowledge of your personal resilience and its key contributing factors

· Identify your personal resilience resources and ‘drains,’ and begin to build a personal resilience strategy. Why not come along to learn about yourself and from your fellow WiRE friends? We’d love you to see how well you can bounce!

For nearly 25 years Jane has worked in roles where understanding her team has been key to success and has been fascinated by what makes people tick (and how she could help them tick even better).

“As a constant ‘creator of things’ I spent my childhood colouring, drawing and making – now is no different. If you sit with me long enough, I will have doodled some ideas or crafted something from the napkin or beer mat in front of me!

This led to me finally forming Ripple in 2012. This has been my amazing journey.

What we do at Ripple

We work with individuals to discover their potential, achieve personal and business goals and help them become all they can be.

We believe given the opportunity to do something they like to do, understand their strengths, weaknesses and why they work well with some …and not so well with others, individuals will flourish.


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