Gong Bath with Becky Rutter

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7th September 2022 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Swinderby Village Hall, 2 Bulpit Lane, Swinderby. LN6 9LT

07891 641386

Cost: £15.00 (£10.00 for members)

Hello lovely ladies,

Wow its been hot!! Hope that you are managing the heat and keeping cool, as best as possible.
For September, Becky has offered a lovely gong bath, to help our minds calm, nervous system to chill and generally feel at peace.
This beautiful form of sound therapy using gongs, bowls and other sacred instruments is a deeply meditative experience that can aid in stress reduction and encourages deep relaxation through the vibration and resonance of the gongs. Gongs have the power to transform your perspective, taking the participant on a healing journey with mystical and otherworldly sound. They are healing and relaxing on all levels and present listeners with the opportunity to tune into the core self.

There is no movement in a Gong session, participants lie still for the duration of the gong bath whilst being bathed in supersonic sound.
PLEASE NOTE: bring something comfortable with you to lie on, a padded mat, camping mat or a couple of yoga mats works well. Alternatively you are welcome to bring a recliner/chair if you are more comfortable off the floor. Also bring a cushion/pillow and a warm blanket/duvet/sleeping bag to cover you. An eye bag or covering for the eyes is a fantastic addition to your kit – comfort is key to a great experience! If you don’t arrive laden down with armfuls of stuff, you are not prepared!

Everyone is welcome at a gong bath, but due to the powerful nature of the vibrations it is recommended that gongs are avoided in pregnancy, if you have recently had an operation with metal insertions (plates/screws in the last 6 months), have epilepsy, are particularly sensitive to sound (tinnitus/meniere’s/sound sensitive migraine)have severe osteoporosis, severe mental illness or have a pacemaker. Please contact me directly if you have any specific concerns prior to the gong bath.

If you wish to speak with Becky directly, here are her details: Tel 07771 330391
email: info@yogalincoln.co.uk

We will be at Swinderby Village Hall, for a nice change of scene, in the counrty side.
I hope that you will be able to join us,

with kind thoughts and a loving heart,
Wendy Jackson LCPH
your Wire leader

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