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Why you should contribute to WiREmail

When you throw a pebble in a pool, ripples form. The heavier the pebble, the more ripples. The more ripples, the further they reach. To keep the ripples going you have to throw another pebble and another, and another.

Promoting your business works in a similar way. You need to repeatedly send messages (pebbles) into places (pools) that can connect you with the audience you want to reach. Each member of that audience has its own network. That’s where the ripple effect comes into play. Your message placed before an audience can reach places you never imagined.

To promote your business you need plenty of pebbles and some good pools to throw them into. As a Wire member you’ve already found a good pool full of potentially valuable contacts. Contributing to the WIRE e-newsletter is an excellent way to start throwing those promotional pebbles.

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To upload your content for WiREmail follow the instructions here or email enquiry@wireuk.co.uk

8 reasons to add your top tip/message to WiREmail

  1. WIRE subscribers often buy services and products from rural businesses – people like them. Do they know about your products and services?
  2. WIRE subscribers are interested in finding rural experts in everything from sheep farming to social media. Are you hiding your light under a bushel?
  3. WIRE subscribers are a social bunch and can be found all over the web. Give them a reason to connect with you?
  4. WIRE subscribers develop, deliver and buy training materials, courses and workshops. Do you have skills or knowledge to share?
  5. WIRE subscribers are connected to thousands of other local, national and international rural, business and creative networks. As you’ve paid your membership, don’t you want to send some ripples through those networks?
  6. WIRE subscribers share a desire to make the most of every opportunity. They wouldn’t pay for an advert then not send in the copy, would they? SMILE
  7. WIRE subscribers know the value of a well-targeted audience (advertising in rural glossies costs anything upwards of £100), so they wouldn’t waste the opportunity to put their message in front of such an audience – for nothing
  8. Putting your business in front of the WIRE subscribers can bring things you hope for (and things you never imagined), things like:-
  • Sales enquiries and Sales
  • PR opportunities
  • Opportunities to network
  • Opportunities to collaborate
  • Opportunities to learn and to teach
  • New subscribers for your email list
  • New followers on social media

Then there are the fringe benefits that come from taking time to promote your business:-

  • Shouting about your business success is a good boost to your self esteem.
  • Making best use of your membership makes you feel like a wise investor.
  • Your contribution can inspire others to contribute.
  • Get your business message in good company, alongside other great WIRE members’ offers and stories. Your shine will rub off on each other.
  • Being visible says your business is open and ready to trade (this can be daunting when you first start out). The WIRE e-newsletter is a good place to get your sea legs if promoting your business is new.

Do it now!

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