WiRE Conference 2018 – Workshops

Posted: 5th February 2018

Book ButtonButton DetailsWe are offering a choice of two workshops in the morning and two in the afternoon; you don’t have to book in advance just choose on the day. Scroll down to see the topics and the workshop leaders.

Morning Sessions

jbHow to uncover your potential and learn to flourish with Jane Batty

Here at Ripple we believe all development starts with self. Understanding individual motivators and drivers is key to unlocking potential – and taking your business to where you want it to go….

We’ll share with you a taster of the internationally renowned Insights Discovery Personality model which will help explain why we behave the way we do – and why others behave differently!

We can guarantee you’ll come away with some practical and pragmatic ‘top tips’ on how to adapt to those around you to build more effective relationships be it with colleagues, customers, key stakeholders – or even your partner!

Given that we like to do things differently and creativity is ‘our thing’ – who knows … you may end up creating something unique, as a memorable reminder from this session. OK – now we are just teasing you….

Come and join us at our interactive and engaging experiential workshop to explore more about what makes you tick…..

 About Jane:

For nearly 25 years I’ve worked in roles where team dynamics and relationships have been key. I’m fascinated by what makes people tick (and how I can help them tick even better). This led to me finally forming Ripple in 2012.

Ripple was born out of a passion….. a desire to help others understand themselves, raise their self-awareness and tap into their inner creativity to truly discover what their legacy could be. I’m passionate about people development, inspiring people to tap into their personal creativity and achieve their own interpretation of success, fulfilment and growth.

JanHow to achieve more sales (with hardly any selling) with Jan Cavelle

So many business owners, and dare we say women especially, hate the idea of selling.  But sales are the lifeblood of any business and we all need to be getting more of them to Create our Success. This workshop is designed to help people at any level of sales view the whole process differently, and for you to look at sales as a process you will actually enjoy in future. This workshop will look at:

  • Why sales has such a bad name and why women in particular hate it
  • Confidence with practical tips to help you
  • Why women have such trouble with monetizing
  • How sales (and customer relationships) improve when you get value right
  • Viewing the sales process as a brick building exercise
  • Taking the horror out of closing
  • Prepare to view sales in a whole new light and sell pleasurably, honestly and easily.

About Jan:

Jan is a strategic coach who specialises in working with people to find happiness, success, authenticity and what truly makes them happy.  She also teaching sales and marketing.

She has several decades of entrepreneurship behind her, founding businesses to the multi-million mark and in a wide range of sectors; she brings hands-on experience to the table. During her long career, she won many business awards and was one of the first 50 Female Entrepreneurial Ambassadors to represent the UK in Europe, and debating at the Cambridge Union. Jan also works with the Women’s Influence Community which aims to promote women’s interests and help their projects across the world.

Afternoon Sessions

How to Get your business systems sorted; free up your time and get more done with Alice JenningsAlice1

Systems are the key to business freedom, whether you want to grow your business or work smarter it is key to get your systems sorted. But despite their magical time saving powers, many small business owners shy away from systems feeling they are too restrictive, difficult to implement or just not very interesting. This workshop looks at:

  • Why systems are the answer to business freedom
  • What we mean by a ‘system’  (and why you don’t have to be a tech whizz to have good systems)
  • My 3 step approach guaranteed to make growing your business easier
  • How to identify the areas of your business that could most benefit

You’ll leave with a plan for implementing some simple systems that will free up time, your biggest problem then will be how will you spend it!

About Alice:

Alice is on a mission to help people who started their business to do something they love to minimise the amount of time they spend ‘running’ their business. After a corporate career helping big businesses to run efficiently she now spends her time helping small business owners use systems and processes to get more done in less time, reducing stress and overwhelm. Living in rural Worcestershire, when she’s not working she’s a part time shepherdess to a small flock of rare breed sheep. Hopefully they will all have lambed by the date of the conference!

IMG_1814How to master goal setting for success with Hollie Whittles

  • People with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve than people without goals
  • 92% of New Years goals fail by January 15th
  • Only 3 out of every 100 adults write down their goals down on paper

To be successful, your goals need to inspire you! You’re far more likely to put effort into something that you feel excited about. So, in this workshop we’ll:

  • Create your vision and develop your SMART goals
  • Establish manageable short-term and long-term milestones
  • Develop a simple action plan to achieve your goals (plus tools to help you)
  • And, most importantly, have fun whilst doing it!

About Hollie

Hollie Whittles set up her own training consultancy in 2008 having had extensive experience in learning and development for one of the largest global IT consultancies. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her corporate background combined with that of running her own business; FraggleWorks a training company with a special interest in small to medium businesses and new business start-ups.

In her spare time, Hollie is a semi-professional musician, you’ll find her in the pit of many musicals or on stage with the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra. She also loves the colour purple!