WiRE Conference 2017 Charity – Please a pack of pants

Posted: 7th March 2017

DignityI’m Victoria Prince, co-Network Leader at WiRE Doves in Derbyshire and I’m also an Ambassador for The Dignity Project (One By One) which is the official charity of the WiRE Conference 2017. I’ve set a goal to raise £5000 in 2017 to fund 2 pairs of pants for 2500 girls. Day to day, my business is strategic online marketing for small and medium sized enterprises.

So far this year we’ve collected 539 Pants for Kenyan teenage girls (we’re aiming for 5000 in 2017)

What is The Dignity Project?

It’s a project within One By One charity which equips teenage girls in rural Kenya with pants and washable sanitary pads (called Afripads) and educates them on their bodies, why they have periods, saying ‘Hapana’ which means NO to sex unless they consent, and the ability to understand the difference between a job interview and being approached by a sex trafficker. It’s raw and direct information, yes, but it’s not being taught in schools or Mother to Daughter. The sessions are about 3 hours long and up to 850 girls attend each session.

Why is it important to teenage girls in Kenya?

The difference this education makes is HUGE! Before the project started, girls typically spent 3 out of 4 weeks in school once their periods started. With this information and with the pants/pads they are staying in school, their grades improve, the school Head teachers are thrilled with the increase in overall school performance and the girls have this information to pass to friends, nieces and in time, their daughters. So there’s a positive ripple effect too. In fact, schools in the area are hearing about the dignity project and they’re starting to send bus-loads of girls over to the sessions!

What can you do?

Any support is greatly appreciated, here are some ideas of how you can support The Dignity Project:

  • Bring a pack of ladies size 12 pants to the conference (for example £4 for 4 pairs in any supermarket) 
  • Donate loose change at the conference, there will be a stand with information and a collection bucket.
  • Look out for events which raise funds for the project, such as the Craft Fair and Afternoon Tea on 18th March, talks I’m doing for various groups, and a Tenor singer on 9th September will be in Uttoxeter, Staffs to raise money.
  • Book me to talk about The Dignity Project (and my trip to Kenya last July) at one of your WiRE events.

Why is this relevant to WiRE Members?

As women in the UK, we’re very privileged to have access to information and products to carry on with life as normal when we have a period. WiRE UK is a proactive and positive organisation that exists to help women empower each other with information, help and support, so it’s a perfect match. Fiona jumped straight in and declared it the Official Charity partner for the WiRE conference the moment she heard about it, which blew me away! I’m looking forward to meeting you all at the conference in May – please pop by the stand and say hi!