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Welcome to the Richmondshire & Hambleton (North Yorkshire) WiRE Network.

We are up and running, having decided to move around North Yorkshire we have visited Moulton and Thirsk. For March we decided to go out to Leyburn, having received a very warm welcome in respect of another group, we work with. We have no hesitation in choosing this excellent venue.

Your accountability under GDPR

Are you still not sure what you have to do by the 25th May 2018?  Have you yet heard about GDPR, you are in business the new regulations are mandatory get this wrong and the fines could put you out of business. Would you like a basic guide, with compliant forms ready to use? You will have to at the very least create forms for your business no longer can you ignore how you store and deal with data. You have to have policies, check lists and audits,  But let’s just start with 8 consent requirements you must put in place.We have put together a simple toolkit to help you.

Available at our meeting forms and checklist minimal cost £2.00

We can tell you more or hold a meeting in April just ask Karon about this at Leyburn



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