Tracy Thew


For ladies who do and those who would like to… go fly fishing

Contrary to popular belief fly fishing does not require strength and power but relies on timing and technique; often making ladies better at fly fishing than men.

For Ladies who do…

For ladies who already fly fish it is the opportunity to spend a day at a beautiful fishery in the knowledge that there will be other ladies there fishing and a lovely lunch, provided for you.

Ladies who like to go fly fishing will be out on the banks again in 2017.  We have a fishery for most Mondays from the end of March to October 2017 for ladies to meet up and go fly fishing.  Fish Wives provides ladies with the opportunity to go fishing or learn how to fish in the company of other ladies and at some of the nicest still water fisheries in Hampshire.

Fish Wives is run by Tracy Thew Level 2 Game Angling Coach will be at each fishery to get novices going, help everyone improve casting and fishing skills.