Suzanne Cullen

Independent HR & Employment Law Advisor

Independent HR & Employment Law Advisor Photo

Evolved HR is unique in that they truly understand that every business is different, different in size, different in culture, have different needs, varying levels of staff turnover, very different challenges and a broad range of experiences. Evolved HR Limited ensures that your bespoke needs are met by a bespoke service and not a one hat fits all approach.

Evolved HR supports ALL business sizes & types through a range of HR solutions and offers ongoing, professional Employment Law Advice. Please click onto the services below to learn more about the way Evolved HR Limited will protect your business by providing the right service at the right price.

All of our Outsourced HR services can be accessed as Virtual HR & Employment Law support, a ‘When you need it’ / Flexi solution or on an Upsize, Downsize & Evolving project basis. Whichever option you need, you can be assured that the commitment, professionalism and level of expertise remains consistent.