Sue Wilkinson


What do you want to change?   What scares you?   What is holding you back? 

Mind Babble  – helping create the best YOU! 

“AS AN EMPOWERMENT SPECIALIST  I guide you to improve your self confidence and change other limiting behaviours, bringing a feeling of well-being and freedom. We often have LIMITING beliefs that take our life in directions that restrict our true purpose. I guide you through bespoke strategies, designed to suit your lifestyle, and work with you to find your inner power and unique gifts.”

Sue Wilkinson – creator of Mind Babble and Powerful Me

“As an Empowerment Specialist I bring together my unique mix of skills and techniques to guide clients in finding their limiting beliefs and negative behaviours. Then, together, we eliminate everything that is holding them back, freeing them to find their unique power and gift.”  “What I’ve learned with my trainers, is an amazing set of processes, that can be used to bring about positive change, to remove the inner negative ‘mind babble’ that we’ve all experienced at some time.”

Sue has trained with internationally renowned trainers, therapists and innovators in the field of personal development;

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