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I enjoy working with leaders and organisations to improve what they do. Why not get in touch for an informal chat, or brief meeting to see how I can help you to find practical ways of overcoming the barriers you face in achieving your personal or organisational aims and outcomes.

In Worcestershire I am registered on the framework for VCS organisations where you can apply for a voucher to fund my service and in some cases I can support you to find a match funded source to subsidize my service to you.

Call me 07779 539487, or email


  • Coaching you to develop your confidence and skills as a leader to meet the challenges ahead and deal more effectively with issues and problems
  • Developing your organisation or your new enterprise to meet the challenging standards demanded by the competitive funding environment
  • Development and measurement of outcomes which demonstrate the added value to your community and funders
  • Working with you to explore creative solutions, involving users, partners or the wider community to provide a better service
  • Exploring options for the future which will build towards resilience and sustainability.

Following more than 25 years experience leading and managing charities, social enterprises and community projects, I trained as a professional business
coach and combined my experience in the “third sector” together with coaching skills, working with leaders and Board members to develop leadership
strategies, workable, practical solutions towards sustainability or develop and grow new business.

I work with forward thinking organisations and enterprises who want to get to the next stage, survive the challenging environment and improve to enable
them to continue operating and delivering great services.The work that I do with clients, draws on hands on experience of working in organisations and enterprises to develop, adapt and effectively deliver good quality services.

I use a coaching approach to working with Leaders and Managers, helping them to effectively take their organisations forward, prepare for the challenges ahead.  The coaching support I provide helps leaders to reach their full potential, develop their leadership style to get the best out of their organisations and cope with an ever changing, challenging operating environment.

In addition to coaching leaders, I work with enterprises and organisations to review their current positions, and identify strategies to increase their sustainability, resilience and options for the future.  This might include looking at a risk management strategy, quality standards, outcomes and information management,
feasibility of new markets and new services, together with developing models of delivery and charging which bring earned income to compliment any charitable funding

A skilled and experienced trainer and facilatator, I will work with your staff or Board, to plan for the future, or develop skills.  I will also help you to work with potential collaborative partners to develop a joint bidding or delivery partnership.

I have a good and experienced understanding of using Full Cost Recovery principles and methodologies and setting and measuring outcomes and social impact.