Roise O’Caollaidhe


love to play Sound Therapy instruments for people to relax, heal their tensions and get pain free.

Creating calm brings good health…

Mental & emotional calm, created through Roise’s natural calming presence and the gentle playing of Sound Healing instruments blending with her voice.

Stress is really bad for the body, particularly for the heart and blood circulation. Stress is a major factor in disease. Stress also causes muscles to tense up and become painful.

Stress arises in the mind with our constant thoughts – worry – guilt – self flagellation – we can be so cruel to ourselves…

Quieten the mind … and you have the space to be you, at peace with the world.

This is my goal – to help you find peace and clarity, to be free of pain, to come back to yourself and be in good health.

In good hands beautiful sounds will help bring you back to yourself.