Rebecca Barningham DipM MCIM

Rural Marketing Solutions

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Rural Marketing Solutions provides rural marketing advice and services for businesses focussed on the farming, equestrian, smallholder and rural communities. We help businesses grow their customer base and create a competitive advantage utilising all relevant aspects of the marketing mix both online and offline.

Business owner Rebecca Barningham is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, supported with a HND in Agricultural Marketing & Business and Professional Diploma in Marketing and over 20 years in agricultural sales and marketing.  In addition Rebecca is a network leader for WiRE Gloucestershire and a member of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists.

Rural Marketing Solutions provides advice and support across all aspects of the marketing mix both online and offline, including:-

– Advice on marketing strategy
– Creation of marketing plans
– Support delivery of marketing activity

Farmers, smallholders and rural communities are challenged daily with a range of factors from weather, changing seasons to market prices. We live and work in the rural community so understand how the rural sector works, what customers read, how they shop, and how to target them. We can help with:

– Advertising
– Direct Marketing
– Promotions
– Product ranging
– Website
– Shows and events
– Customer engagement
– Marketing communications

We help businesses that want to grow their customer base and create a competitive advantage in the rural market place by sharing our knowledge and experience of our green and pleasant land.

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Marketing expertise in Marketing Communications, Marketing Strategy, Corporate Branding, Brand Management, Product Marketing, Promotions, Media Planning, Advertising, Direct Marketing, Strategic Business Planning, Loyalty Programs, Event Management, Market Research, Social Media and Team Leadership.