Rachel Hutchinson


Welcome to Patch – specialising in sewing your cherished memories back into everyday life.

I will take you on a memory journey, transforming the memories wrapped up in your well-loved clothes into keepsakes to treasure forever.  Re-designing and creating new treasures that connect you to times gone by and keep you smiling as the years go on.

Journey together

This is very much a journey that we’ll take together.  I’ll guide you through unearthing your hidden treasures, re-discovering long-forgotten memories, and re-connecting with precious times, people and places.


Remember how you felt when you took your first steps down the aisle, first held your newborn baby, or enjoyed time on a beach with a special friend?   Whatever the memory harnessed in your clothes, they’ll come flooding back when you get your clothes back out of their hiding place.  You will want to bring them back into your life to re-live and share the memories with loved ones.


Re-connecting with your clothes is just the start of this amazing journey.  We’ll spend time talking through the memories and how your keepsake will enhance your life.  I’ll then create a design to make the most of the clothes and how the keepsake will be used.  Finally, I’ll use my expertise to craft you a beautiful, unique, gift to keep or give away.


When people unwrap their keepsake, tears of emotion – joy, sadness, and happiness – have been known to flow (I’ll always have tissues at the ready!).  As your share your keepsake with friends and family, the stories, connections and memories will continue to grow.  From telling your grown-up daughter about her first baby steps in a favourite dress; to the hours watching your son play football in his team’s strip; to hearing Dad sing karaoke in a Hawaiian shirt at a family party; the stories will just keep on flowing.

New memories

Of course, as you use your keepsake, new memories will be created, adding stories to things that were once hidden away for nobody to see or use.

Your journey

Do you have clothes that you can’t bear to part with?  Have they been tucked away in a drawer, wardrobe or loft for years?  They’re too precious to be hidden away forever.  So go on, start searching, and bring them on your memory journey with Patch.

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