Nicole Olsthoorn

I teach women with a purpose how to step in to Ultimate Freedom

I teach women with a purpose how to step in to Ultimate Freedom Photo

As a cutting-edge spititual teacher of these modern times, Nicole is the creator of the FREE online Wild Wisdom Teachings Academy, which offers women who feel like they have a special purpose in life and are longing to find out what that purpose is, the quickest shortest parth to the answers they seek and create Ultimate Freedom.

She is also the founder of the Wild Wisdom Teachings Community, the FREE online community that comes with the Academy and supports women all around the world in their search for their life purpose.

“I remember when I was searching, the one thing I possibly even desired more than clear answers, was the support of like-minded people. People who had the same drive and determination as I had to find clarity and would not take no for an answer. Now that I have my aswers and clarity, I started the Wild Wisdom Teachings Academy and Community to support others in their search and offer them a shortcut to clarity and freedom.”

Known for her gentle and warm, yet fiercly honest approach, Nicole is a spiritual teacher among those who are ready to dive deep in order to fly high. Her work is not for everyone. It takes determination to face the stories of the Ego and let them all fall in to pieces. But those who dive in wholeheartedly, find themselves lighter and brighter than ever before.

For more information about her work and the FREE Academy and Community, visit

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