Mia Arrowsmith

Coach women on setting up, marketing and running an online beauty business.

Coach women on setting up, marketing and running an online beauty business. Photo

In January 2017, I set up my business, as a presenter with Younique. Since then, I have become a coach, leading a team, helping other women to set up, market and run their own online part-time beauty business, earning themselves extra cash or if they want, to develop it into their full-time business.

There are so many great things about being a business coach and leader. I help other women whether as customers or as business owners, to increase their self-worth and confidence, in the belief that we can achieve so much more, if we support each other.

Plus the makeup and skincare is darn amazing. It is not tested on animals. I no longer filter my photos. And I now make money from wearing makeup!

Additionally, in 2011, I set up my own business, supported by a redundancy pay out, from a company that was relocating. My business includes  Mentor, Wellbeing Consultant,  Personal Trainer,  Nutritional Advisor, Motivational Speaker and Presenter.

I has spent most of my life involved in health, fitness and wellbeing. In over 30 years, I have gained over 25 related qualifications, knowledge and experience, via paid and voluntary work, starting first as a volunteer coach and competitor. I have also been a company secretary and director for a merchandising and retail company, where I gained the UK merchandise licence and fitness video contract, for well-known television programme. More recently, I have gained tremendous experience from working for an award-winning national gym chain, with over 42 gym, where I travelled the country encouraging people to join the gyms, before they were open.

In my career, I have worked with a variety of people, coaching everyone from companies to individuals; from those with complete lack of confidence and goal direction, to national level athletes and world champion sports people.

I like to keep up to date with knowledge. To that end, I completed the Wire iGrow course in 2016, part of the first cohorts, which has helped my business brain tremendously. I am also finishing off an honours degree, including very useful modules such as Advanced Social Psychology.

Finally, I am a volunteer Company Secretary and Trainee Community Organiser, for Old Chapel Works CIC (community interest company), based in the centre of Stafford. Our aim is to organise projects that help empower local communities, support vulnerable people and help improve people’s health and wellbeing.

I endeavour to help others to live a balance life: to find the right balance personally and in working life; that suits their personality and lifestyle.

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