Louisa Onoufriou

Premium Knit Kits for Beginners

Premium Knit Kits for Beginners Photo

The Knit Kit Company began as an idea between two best friends which, in 2016, became a reality as they took the plunge into business together. The Knit Kit Company ethos is all about the pleasure of creating something either for yourself, or to give to someone else.

Before we developed The Knit Kit Company and one of us tried to teach the other to knit, we were reminded that many of the skills we used to learn from our parents and grandparents are being forgotten. The Knit Kit Company exists customers learn something new, hone their existing talents, and to remind them how great it is to spend time doing something for others (and for themselves!).

We have friendly wool suppliers and knitters around the UK (and beyond) who are helping us find fantastic yarns, beautiful tools and inspiration for patterns and ideas. We’ve hand picked our favourite yarns, and the tools we’ve enjoyed working with the most. Each season, we’ll design products using contemporary palettes and ideas. Choosing ethically is important to us, and where possible we choose recyclable materials.