Jacky Burnell


A love of gardens and gardening runs through generations of our family so taking groups of people to beautiful locations is a labour of love for us.

Jacky and Sue are sisters, both living in the gorgeous county of Shrophire.

Jacky, a Shrewsbury resident since 2007 has spent the last four years working with Gardener’s Delight, our sister company. As co-founder of Wisteria Tours she is busy creating wonderful tours to beautiful locations throughout the UK.

A more recent Shropshire resident, Sue moved to Harley, near Much Wenlock in 2014. Having spent many years organising events she appreciates being able to combine her love of gardens with her running a varied program of garden tours.


Our customers appreciate similar things – a love of visiting other people’s gardens and travelling in comfort to stunning locations throughout the UK. Further, they want to feel welcome, stay at lovely hotels and of course, to eat well.

Throughout the year we seek out enchanting destinations to bring you the UKs most delightful gardens and special places. Whether you are a new or a returning customer, coming with friends or travelling on your own, we understand how important it is to feel looked-after and welcome. We therefore personally oversee every element of the tour.

Travelling with award winning, luxury coach operator, Lakeside of Ellesmere, we will welcome you on-board at your selected pick-up point. Further, we supervise check-in at our specially selected 4* hotels to make your arrival and departure fast and simple.

Finally, we are with the tour throughout the holiday to make sure you get the best experience at each destination. All you have to do is relax and enjoy a wonderful escape from daily life!


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