Debra Scanlon

Handmade Fabric Party Bags, Swim Bags, PE Bags, Wash Bags for Children

Handmade Fabric Party Bags, Swim Bags, PE Bags, Wash Bags for Children Photo

Lootybag offers handmade eco friendly luxury party bags, fabric gift bags, personalised and non personalised swim bags, backpacks, PE bags and wash bags for children.

I have a degree in Ecology and, like many people, live my life trying to limit my impact on the planet. As a Mum I have been frustrated by the seeming imperative a sea of plastic when you throw a party, particularly for a child. I was also shocked by the hazard many plastic party bag toys present as they easily break, often on the journey home, resulting in one upset, disappointed child. Sound familiar?

Determined there had to be another way I launched Lootybag, dedicated to making and sourcing quality, eco friendly, ethically produced party products with all the convenience of conventional disposable party goods that do not cost the earth, either monetarily or environmentally. I am a lifelong hobby crafter and dressmaker and the core of my business centres on the gorgeous handmade luxury fabric party bags I design and make at home in Shropshire.

Your guests receive a delightful, durable bag they will treasure and reuse that is a gift in itself.

I love a challenge and offer a bespoke or custom order service.

Why not take a look at our website, join me on facebook or follow me on twitter. I love to chat, particularly with other Wire members who are always so inspiring.