Science Week 2018 – Exploration and Discovery

Posted: 10th January 2018



Science Week 2018 – Exploration and Discovery

With Science Week 2018 on the horizon for March  we are sure that many of you will be wondering what to do. This year’s theme is “Science and Discovery” and with an array of wonderful FIZZ POP SCIENCE workshops that can help cover this theme for many different ages we know that we can help you inspire young children and leave them wanting to learn more about science. A science workshop dedicated to ensuring that children learn through captivating and invigorating exercises will ensure a win-win formula for all.

Fizzy Dizzy is bringing fun science into schools in Worcestershire and Herefordshire and is also happy to bring you bespoke, exciting, inspirational science parties. If you are organising a club camp or event please don’t forget us!!