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Introducing a new business opportunity for WiRE Membersaction-learning-canva

We are very proud to announce the pilot of WiRE Action Groups; providing women in business with a structured and safe environment to develop their business, gain confidence and boost their skills.

The idea for WiRE Action Groups has come out of our work with growth businesses and the format has been developed over a year-long pilot in the West Midlands. WiRE Action Groups are small, closed groups, which meet together for structured discussion with the objective of making a step-change in their business. WiRE Action Groups aim to create a mini-board, where:

  • solutions are found with the assistance of a mutually supportive group
  • knowledge is shared generously and learning is appropriate to type and size of the business and each person’s situation
  • action is accountable
  • reflection is crucial and self-evaluation is a positive and constructive tool
  • the discipline and structure to address real issues and facilitate change is created in a format which is appropriate and powerful for female-led business

More about Action Learning

Becoming a WiRE Action Leader

To get this party started we need some WiRE Action Leaders who are willing and ready to invest both money and time in this exciting opportunity. We know that there will be lots of you out there who have the skills and the expertise to become a Leader and we want it to be not only be a rewarding experience but also a way to generate income and complement your existing business. The groups will not be run like the existing WiRE Networks, it is an exciting and innovative business opportunity.

We’ve listed the basic points on the links at the top, if you think it is for you then drop us an email with some information about yourself, please use this downloadable template as a guide but feel free to add your own information and experience.