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Louise Dillon

Louise Dillon

Armadillo Social

Armadillo Social works with companies who have passion, purpose and drive, and want to share that with people who matter. We use modern technology to have old fashioned conversations: persuasive,  informative and inspirational. We deliver off the shelf and tailored packages to design a communication strategy to suit each individual…

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Conference 2018 – Create Your Own Success

FeaturedPosted 30th January 2018

When push comes to shove the success of your business success relies solely on you. You wear many hats and take on many roles; some that you embrace with passion…

WiRE Conference 2018 – Workshops

Posted 5th February 2018

WiRE Conference 2018 – Seminars

Posted 5th February 2018

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5 Tips for Improving Social Media for your Beauty Business

Posted 9th April 2018

Are you happy with your social media results? Do you get any engagement? Would you like to get more business from your social media? Here are my 5 Top Tips…

A Sensitive Soul

Posted 9th April 2018

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