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Shan Marshall

Shan Marshall

The Coloring Coach

  Creating colouring patterns for adult colouring books, and bespoke designs for those looking for something a little different. Teaching how to use free websites and budget software to create beautiful designs.

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Are you up for The Rubbish Diet?

Posted 19th October 2016

Karen Cannard is the co-founder of The Rubbish Diet Challenge, the UK’s slimming club for bins, which inspires and motivates people to fast-track their waste reduction at home.  Most people…

Rural Innovation Show – Free Tickets!

Posted 17th October 2016

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The Introverts’ Guide to Social Media

Posted 17th October 2016

Last week, there was a photo of Hillary Clinton, taken by Barbara Kinney, that was shared of 8,000 times on Twitter.  It showed the crowd turning its back on her,…

Sorting out finances on divorce

Posted 11th October 2016

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