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Julie Hill

Julie Hill

Personal Travel Agent

I’m Julie, your Personal Travel Agent I am a passionate traveller and have spent many years seeing some amazing places. I can draw on my personal experiences to help shape your perfect holiday and provide a personal, tailored service that is free to my customers.

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Rural Digital Use Survey

FeaturedPosted 25th July 2017

Please take part and complete this Digital Survey from Rural England CIC, it’s aimed at businesses operating in rural areas. Digital connectivity, mobile working, Skype meetings, e-commerce and so on are…

WiRE Member appears on The Daily Politics Show

FeaturedPosted 25th July 2017

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The value of hiring a virtual administrator

Posted 14th August 2017

Administrators can be seen as a luxury, an optional extra and I wanted to explain a bit more about the value of hiring a professional virtual administrator, and why in…

New Google My Business Features

Posted 9th August 2017

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